My application receives UDP data from IP Cameras, somehow we are not receiving some packets, but by using a network sniffer I can see that the packet was received, but the
application never receives it!
I already checked receive buffer lengths.. I actually spent 2 entire days cheking for
solutions but I couldn´t find anything

At first glance, I would say that your receiving application is not able to receive the datagrams as fast as they are comming. So they are simply dropped from winsock buffer as new datagrams are comming in.

I suggest you use a different thread for the newtork I/O (TWSocket) and for the computation and display. Let's name the thread with TWSocket a "worker thread". The worker thread can be assigne high priority and build a large buffer to store datagrams until the main thread is able to process it. Pay attention to not use anything taking time ! Specially, do not use Synchronize. Of course you need a critical section to have the main thread and worker thread to acces the queue at the same time. Pay a lot of attention to the duration of the lock, make it as small as possible or you are back to your initial issue.

Also note that this design will potentially cause trouble if the overall computation and display time is slower than the average network I/O speed, the your buffer will grow. At some time you'll be forced to drop datagrams yourself to avoid accumulating data.

Another possibility is that you have a bug in your application which makes some datagrams unprocessed. Yest another possibility is that you have a "security product" which is bugged or takes too long to process. Many security product intercept the network I/O to check for malware.

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