Passive mode *Should not* need any firewall hole poking, at the Client

That's the beauty of Passive mode!  The client only ever makes outgoing
connections, it never has to receive an incoming one.  Any half decent
firewall or NAT router, will handle all that transparently.  It's worth
checking that Win7's own firewall doesnt block outgoing requests from
*unknown* apps though.

But yes you *will* most certainly need to explicitly perforate the
firewall at the Server end, for all ports, and port ranges the FTP
server will ever use.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd 
> Subject: Re: [twsocket] FTP Timeout Problem
> > I'm trying to create a FTP server with SSL. The client(on Win7) and 
> > server(on Win2008 R2) are on two separate computers.  Initially, we 
> > had problems with the SSL handshake, when trying to retrieve a 
> > directory listing.  Now, all we get is a time out.
> Ensure you are using passive mode, and that ports being used 
> by the FTP data channel are opened in firewalls at both ends.  
> This issue was discussed extensively a few weeks ago.  I have 
> an ICS public FTP server with SSL you can test against. 
> Angus
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