I've just downloaded ICS as I need a telnet client with a COM interface and
haven't found one that works well enough for me yet (so I'm going to write

I'm in the process of extending the EmulVT component to support xterm
emulation. In the process I have identified 2 bugs in the core vt100

1) Reverse Video

At the end of ProcessCSI_m_lc, the foreground and background colours are
swapped if the FReverseVideo flag is set. This is incorrect. The actual
attribute to use needs to be calculated in WriteLiteralChar.

Consider the following sequence:


The current implementation will not handle this correctly.

2) Graphics (line drawing) characters

Line drawing characters are done by switching character sets and performing
a translation. The translation should *not* be done if we are currently
processing an escape sequence.

Consider the following sequence:


The current implementation does not do the colour change as the 'm' has been
translated to a line drawing character.

The character sequences above are captured from a Linux app using ncurses

Alistair Ward
Senior Software Engineer
Noel Leeming Group

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