Your second message comes later and is available from the OnDataAvailable
event handler at server side."

Is it possible to send this at the same time as it connects?

No. The client can only send data when the TCP session is established and your first message is generated at server side form TCP session information.

What I need is,
to combine both messages and get the ID and computer name.

You can combine it when the message comes from the client. I don't see where the problem is. Or maybe there is something I misunderstood.

You should store this per client information in the TTcpSrvClient class
(just add new members as you need). As long a the connection is alive,
TTcpSrvClient class instance will hold any value you store in it. In all
events the "client" argument point to the same instance."

I am not sure if understand this but?
I have an xml which is kind of database where I would like to keep the computer data and refresh the data everytime I get the "KEEPALIVE" message from the client which will tell me that client is working. Client is sending the keepalive data by informing it's name and from the name I will know who is alive and who is dead.

It will be easier for me if I could just combine the messages and insert the data into the xml because I don't know how to store the data in clientclass.

In the ICS demos, there are examples. If I remeber well, the demo simply record the datetime of connection.

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