Hi , i want to develop a File Sharing Between Server and Client on LAN and
Internet ; that means the Client can download a File if he is in the same
LAN or even from INTERNET from different network .

OK Sir Francois , on a LAN i did it like this :

i created a server based on TCP Server it has 2 required options or fields
IP ADDR + PORT  so this Server is the MIDDLE MAN .
i created 2 Clients that can communicate with each other via this Middle MAN
, i mean the Server manages the connection between these 2 Clients .
the Client side has 1 required field PORT and an optional field IP ADDR .

and that works very well i can even transfer files between these 2 Clients .
the problem is with the outside network i mean connection Via Internet .

One more question: Which protocol are the client using ? After reading your first message, I tought you was simply using Windows networking (Network share) but it seems you don't. Please explain what the clients are because what you've done should work via an internet connection which beside speed is not really different from a LAN connection.

I don't completely grasp what you want to do. Do you want to create a peer-to-peer type application ? Please define "file sharing". Why is a simple FTP or HTTP server not good for you ?

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