Hi Emanuele

Thanks again for the code, now I understand better the concept of IGMP groups

I used multicast on wan. Our customer wanted this setting.
I see, I will leave an option for my software for the user to configure the TTL, I´m using default 1 (LAN only)

Using wireshark, when a multicast socket enter in listening state, you
should see igmp packets on the net.
These packets should tell to the switch how to manage multicast

On my implementation, I was using Connect instead of Listen for the sender, so, the sender was not joining the IGMP group, but as I read, the sender is not required to join an IGMP group just the receivers must join the group in order to receive multicast data

Using my implementation, what kind of packet distribution do you get?

I actually get Multicast distribution but since I don´t have a managed switch over here (that can manage IGMP groups) it works like broadcast, all machines on the network receive the multicast data (If I setup wireshark on them I can see) not only the machines who joined the group, because this is managed by the switch by using IGMP Snooping

Now I have a clearer idea of IGMP, but I would like to know if the sender is advised to join the IGMP group, or I can have the sender without joining the group

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