How can download couple files at once
using TMultiPartHTTPDownloader ? I can add only one file into
MultiPartHTTPDownloader to download, what about more files than one?
Can I create a list of files to download?

TMultiPartHTTPDownloader is a component aimed at downloading a single file but using multiple connections simultaneously. On some servers, this will make the global thruput higher. This is effective for server having some kind of bandwidth limitation. When bandwidth limitation is per connection, then using many connections will speedup things.

If you want to download several files simultaneously, which is different than a single file with several connections, then simply use one component per file.

If you want to download several files sequencially, just build a list of files and use one component to download each file after the each other.

For multiple files, you may use THttpCli or TMultiPartHTTPDownloader component depending on how you want things to be done.

Downloading several files simultaneously and/or using multiple connection could slow down overall tranfer, or speed it up. It depends on many many factors.

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