Hello, Everybody!

I have some problems with multicasting implementation, most probably
caused by my insufficient understanding of the subject.

I have multiple applications that can stream and listen on multicasted
traffic. Because I want them to bind only to one physical interface,
I'm initializing receiving socket as follows:

    Port := 9200; // multicast port
    Addr := ''; // IP address of the physical adapter I want to bind 
    MultiCastAddrStr := '';
    MultiCast := true;
    Proto := 'udp';

This works fine as long as I only want to listen from one program on
this computer. As soon as I start the second instance which binds to
the same multicast address and port, the second .Listen fails with
error 10048.

I was living under understanding that it's entirely possible to listen
on the same multicast socket from more than one application on a
single computer and VLC player confirms me in those beliefs - I can
easily start two VLCs on same multicast address:port and both will
play incoming video.

Most probably the error is just in my understanding of how
multicasting is implemented inside ICS. Can you please point to the
error in my approach?

Best regards,

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