>I think you should use only one 
thread for all socket operation within your application and one thread for 
each lengthy processing/computation you have to do. The rule is to avoid 
lengthy processing within the thread doing communication.

Yes, that's exactly I intended to do except I don't need long processing so 
just a single thread inside DLL for socket message loop

>In my opinion, you should revise you design to better fit the programming 
model used for ICS. Otherwise you'll end up with a complex application 
difficult to maintain a prone to errors.

Well, I can't imagine something else without complicating the structure. I need 
several functions to sync-ly communicate thru sockets. So WaitFor-s and again 

>See above. Pausing/resuming the socket shouldn't be used, specially if you 
have your own worker thread. Just have the socket event handler blocked 
waiting for some synchronization object.

You mean blocking the entire message loop? I'll implement it myself without 
using socket method as I don't know what set of sockets would exist.

>Yes, you have to detach the socket from the worker thread before destroying 
the socket.

Got it!

>As I said before, you can avoid thread Attach/detach with careful design. 
Having to use attached/detach is the sign of a too complex design.

Another ways to reach comatibility between sync and async is are ugly 
(Synchronize) or complicated (SendMessage or smth else). I'll try with 

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