> Hi,
> i am using the Standard TWSocket in a Server and round about 30
> Clients in LineMode. After a Client is connected to the Server, the
> Client starts immediately to send text messages. After some sort of
> filtering the messages are broadcasted to a subset of all connected
> Clients. If i start the sever and 30 clients through a script on a
> single Windows 7 PC the following error occurs: After 23-26 Clients
> get connected, the server no longer calls the callback function for
> OnSessionAvailable, but at client-side the callback for
> OnSessionConnected is still activated and the ClientSocket stays in
> state wsConnected. If i look at TCPView the corresponding Connection
> has the state "Established". OnError or OnBGException are not called
> and the Socket is still in "listening"-State. If the Listening 
> Socket is Destroyed and recreated everything works in a certain way.
> Any idea in which direction my problem could be located? 

Don't you use the TWSocketServer component?
What version of ICS do you use and where did you download it?

Arno Garrels
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