> I have a couple clients now that have upgraded to Verizon "4G" and now 
> the functions that use the ICS components don't work anymore for them, 
> I'm guessing it's FTP upload but don't have any details on what the 
> failure is.  Just wondered if anyone had experienced this?  From what 
> I've read there is a 4G spec but what's being called "4G" doesn't really 
> conform to the 4G spec and it's really just a marketing term for 
> something that varies from one provider to another.  I guess you guys 
> are mostly in Europe, things might be a lot different over there.

If it's FTP, you might want to check two things:
1. Some cellular ISPs block incomming connections, so for them, active ftp
is not an option.
2. For some ISPs, it takes way too long to switch between WCDMA and
HSPA/HSUPA and initiate actual HSPA/HSUPA data transfer - in that case,
increasing connection timeout might be an option.

Piotr Dałek

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