We use ICS for a TCP server. Is typically serves a few hundreds of clients 
They typically connect so that the server receives connection request on a 
regular pace.
The connection rate usually starts with some 10s per second to 1 or 2 per 
We have noticed a problem that after some time (sometimes just a few minutes) 
the server stops receiving new connections. After working on this problem for a 
long time we have found a 'work around'.
When we notice that we have not received a new connection for some time we can 
click a button that executes some code that we hacked into ICS. What it 
actually does is call TCustomWSocketServer.TriggerSessionAvailable(0);
This will make the server accepting new connections for some time until it 
stops receiving new connections again. We can do this endlessly.
When we press this button when the server is still accepting new connection we 
get a would block exception.
We have concluded that there is still a accept select message to process when 
this problem occurs.
Does somebody have the same kinds of problems?
Does somebody have a solution?
Thank you,
Henk van der Meer
Time Service
Ps we have found some issues that may be related but did not provide a solution:

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