Hi Adam,

> Hi - after pulling out a lot of hair

Hopefully you have some reserve :)

> I've spent the last couple of days tinkering with the DLL 1 example but

DLL is not different from other. Only think is if you write a DLL you maybe
don't know who call it. Maybe a programmer will use the DLL wich has no
knowledge of message pump or the way windows work. Maybe you have to write
your own message pump in that case.

> Connect() needs to be passed the host, the port, the username, the

If you have a working message pump then after a connection then
OnSessionconnected will fire. Then you have it all.

> What I need Connect() to do is kick off a worker thread that continues
> running and manages the socket connection without blocking the calling
> process as the current DLL example does.

I'm not sure wy do you need a separate worker thread?

> 2)      SendStr() the username

SendStr is what you can do in the OnSessionConnected event

> .then sit in a loop where it:

You don't need a loop! TWSocket is event driven (fortinatly)

> 3)      Monitors for incoming messages and adds each message to a
> TStringList

Every receved data you can add. Note that TCP is NOT package bound garantie.

> 4)      Fires off a PostMessage() to the specified window of the main
> application every "pump rate" milliseconds

You can give the handle to the window to the DLL from the calling

> Connected() simply returns the connection status of the socket
> GetMessage() returns information from the TStringList
> Disconnect() signals the worker thread to gracefully drop the
> connection (if
> possible) and close down

Just call the right TWSocket methods

> One of the difficulties seems to be that the socket would be running
> within
> the worker thread but the functions and data that I need to access
> would be
> in the global scope.

If you are certain you need a separate thread then you can use PostMessage
(or SendMessage)

mvg, Wilfried

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