Fastream Technologies wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a working proxy server which I want TSslHttpCli to connect via
> CONNECT and then connect via HTTPS in tunnel. It corrupts the FPath
> such that there is now two domains and two ports in URL sent to web
> server. I can reproduce this with ICS demo too. I can provide access
> to my proxy server if you can tell me your IPs.

I cannot reproduce, however I found another little bug with squid proxy
and checked in the change I suggested last week.

Log:  - Clear FResponseVer after relocations when the connection was closed.
This ensures that ProxyConnection keep-alive is set on proxy-reconnects
after relocation with HTTPS as well.
- Made a change in GetHeaderLineNext to fix a bug with 401 and 407
responses when no content-length header was present (body was parsed as
header, thanks to Fastream for reporting).

Arno Garrels

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