SVN has been updated with a new THttpServer:

Oct 18, 2011 V7.40 Angus
GET performance improvements, use TBufferedFileStream, SndBlkSize default
is 8192 and dynamically increased to new property MaxBlkSize if stream is
larger than SndBlkSize. SocketSndBufSize also increased to SndBlkSize.

Setting the new server property MaxBlkSize to 65,536 caused a four times
decrease in download time for a 50 meg from my public server, making it
faster than IIS/7 downloads on the same server.  

Note the new buffer size defaults to 8,192 instead of 1,460 so there is a
small memory increase for each client, but is never larger than the
largest actual file being sent in a session.  The larger buffer size
means less buffer locking and unlocking in TWSocket. 


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