> Oct 21, 2011 V7.41 Angus added OnHttpMimeContentType to allow 
> custom ContentTypes to be supported for unusual file extensions.

Very nice. 

Is there a reason you placed the calls in this sequences? I think 

procedure THttpConnection.SendDocument[..]
    ErrorSend          := FALSE;
    ProtoNumber        := 200;
    TriggerMimeContentType(FDocument, FAnswerContentType);  { V7.41 allow
content type to be changed }
    if FAnswerContentType='' then   // no callback or not handled? Let the
default function do it's magic.
      FAnswerContentType := DocumentToContentType(FDocument);

is a little bit better (at least if you have a callback and a matching
MimeContentType). In the worst case you have one additional comparism
(FAnswerContentType='') in the best case the complete if..then..else
construct of the default function will be skipped. It also would enable the
user to replace the default function with a optimized search.

BTW: what is the local variable "ErrorSend" good for? I think it simply can
be kicked...

Another minor thing: Is there a special reason why the String parameters
(Filename) of the callbacks and the Trigger[..] procedures are not declared
as const? This also applies to the DocumentToContentType function.



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