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I have no idea. The most likely is a firewall (internal to Windows or external 
in the network infrastructure you are using.
You said the server is listenig on port 336. OK, but is it on the correct 
interface ?
Try with another port, try with another client (for example command line 
windows own telnet).

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From: Mike Gibbard 
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2011 6:39 PM
To: twsocket@elists.org 
Subject: TcpSrv and CliDemo - Connection Problems


I've been running the TcpSrv and CliDemo demo code very successfully on my 
local network.  I've set the TcpSrv exe to listen on port 336 and, when I point 
the CliDemo exe to localhost on port 336 the connection is established.  If I 
move TcpSrv to another machine (on the same network), I point the CliDemo to 
that machine's IP address on port 336 and the connection is established. Great!

However, when I move the TcpSrv exe to my remote server, the CliDemo exe times 
out and fails to connect.  

The Server exe is listening on port 336 and I've confirmed this with netstat.  
There's no firewall running on the remote server (Windows 2003) and I've 
disabled the firewall on the machine on which I'm running the CliDemo exe.  
Therefore, as far as I can see, there's nothing blocking outgoing connections 
on the client machine, nothing to block incoming connections on the server and 
the server exe is listening on port 336 on the server machine. I can ping the 
server machine

As networking is not my area of expertise, can anyone suggest any reason(s) why 
I cannot connect?  Do I have to set any particular type of permission on the 
server?  Is there something I have to do with my router?  I'd be very grateful 
to anyone who might be able to help.

many thanks,

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