> Set the Wsocket to listen, and use Wsocket.sendto command to send 
> data. In this way the Wsocket.port is the port to listen oin, and
> with Wsocket.sendto I define the remote-applications port?

SendTo is the standard way to send UDP packets, since there is no
'connection' as such. 

> My code is all based on a normal string. Is it possible to use a 
> standard string in the Wsocket.sendto command?

Yes, just make it a pointer:

tot := SendSocket.SendTo (SocRemAddr, SizeOf (TSockAddrIn),
                            @xmitline [1], Length (xmitline));

To make life easy, you can just use the Magenta Systems IP Log Streaming
Component from: 


which sends and receives TCP and UDP, and includes a EXE demo for testing,
run two instances and send UDP back and forward. 


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