Arno Garrels wrote:
> state. Looks like _if a client closes a socket when the 
> connection is still in the listen backlog queue no event fires :(

Problem/reason found :)

When kqueue fires an accept-event its Data member contains the
number of connect requests waiting in the listen backlog queue.
Ignoring this number and trusting on subsequent events will
fire even if a client closes a connection request that is still
not accepted was the issue (lost events as described in my previous

I did a brief test. When I send as many FD_ACCEPT messages
as there are pending requests in the listen backlog queue to
the server the calls to accept() very often fail with 
(WSA)EWOULDBLOCK, however no events are lost and it seems to
work reliably. But that were a waste of resourses, something
more efficent has to be found.
Any idea?

Arno Garrels 
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