I'm trying to display Unicode POP3 email from TMimeDecodeEx with
THtmlViewer v11, loading from a stream (with images from TSslHttpCli). 
I'm using D2007 with Tnt unicode components, and I can display all
languages and charsets correctly with TTntRichEdit, but THtmlViewer is
much harder (but better formatted display). 

I'm not sure if Unicode support in THtmlViewer is actually finished and
tested, or partially done.  It only seemed to check from a stream or file
BOM, so I updated the code to allow a code page to be specified when
loading a stream (without BOM).  It now seems to display Chinese if the
stream is UTF8, but not if it's charset gb2312 or codepage 936, ie 8-bit.

If anyone else trying to display HTML with THtmlViewer more successfully?


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