What do you mean "not nice"? This is the whole point of OOP. :)

Actually it is not that simple. I don't want to put TSslHttpAppSrv in
the original unit of THttpAppSrv because SVN will complain every time I
do a check-out.
I tried to put it in a new unit, however it seems THttpAppSrv and
TUrlHandler are "friends". Code in HttpAppSrv accessing protected
variables in UrlHandler. So do I have to dup TUrlHandler as well ?


>> Hi,
>> I wonder what is the proper way,
>> to derive from TSslHttpServer and copy all the AppServer stuff
>> or to derive from THttpAppSrv and add the SSL stuff?
> It's likely the easiest approach to derive THttpAppSrv from
> THttpsServer rather than from THttpServer (untested).
> This required change of one single line in source code, not nice,
> however should work.     
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