>>> I use ICS components in a my application. I have a problem with 
>>> TWSocket and ServerWSocketDataAvailable. Sometimes, when the 
>>> ServerWSocketDataAvailable event is called and in action, the same 
>>> event is called again, before the previous instance is terminated.
>>> I use line mode, #13#10 as line terminator and BufferIn:= 
>>> TWSocket(Sender).ReceiveStr(); I not use anything like ProcessMessage 
>>> or other.

>> Perhaps some code indirectly calls the message pump?
>> For instance ShowMessage().

> Nothing. Is because I use a limemode way?

No, line mode has nothing to do with that. The symptoms you describe
(reentry in an event handler) are ALWAYS caused by calling the message pump,
directly or indirectly. You should be able to see where it is called by
looking at the call stack if you can manage to put a breakpoint at the time
the event handler is reentered. You could compare the call stack at the time
of reentry with the call stack when no reentry occur.

FYI, anything which display something on screen and wait for user
interaction is calling the message pump !

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