Until now I always used the Indy Atozed.
Some friends advised me to use Overbyte-ICS.
I must confess that I have some difficulties.

First of all, if you use the demo OverbyteIcsMailRcv works ok. If I use the same functions in my application developed with Dephi 2010 - Atozed Intraweb - TMS Software can not even connect (Connect). Even using the component TSyncPop3Cli things do not improve, indeed, it seems that everything is working because I can not signal an error.
I discovered that the Connect (ConnectSync) does not produce any results.
The only difference between your and my demo application consists in the fact that the setting data (host, port, username, etc..) Are taken from the DB rather than from a file. I am interested in your product for the chance to manage e-mail it certified with Indy is somewhat more complicated.
Is there something I'm missing in the use of ICS?
To better understand the use I run Connect (ConnectSync) by setting host, port, username, password. It seems that everything is ok even if events or OnSessionConnected OnRequestDone are not executed.
What could be the problem?
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