> Why after I logged in, you have read the total number of messages 
> and found the first message I can not read the other messages (and 
> RetrSync MsgNun msgnum = + 1) and is reported to me the error 
> message: Timeout 426)?

Can not answer since you have not explained what commands you are using. 

The normal sequence to reading a POP3 mailbox is:

1 - STAT - simple response with number of items and total size, 4.7 megs
in this case:

< +OK 72 4724558

2 - LIST - one line per email with msgnum and size,  only two items shown

< +OK 72 messages (4724558 octets)
1 68532
2 29456

3 - if you want to avoid downloading the same emails repeated, you use
the UIDL command which returns a unique identifier per email, which you
check against a local list to see if it's new:

< +OK 72 messages (4724558 octets)
1 sm_00000001_0d4f3a2293904149aff0d638a7d39cc1
2 sm_00000002_0d4f3a2293904149aff0d638a7d39cc1

4 - finally you start downloading emails, I do the newest first:

> RETR 72
< +OK 8904 octets

Not all POP3 server may use contiguous msgnums, so you use those from the
LIST command. 


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