> What do you mean it limits number of items via POP3? How many new 
> mails you have?

Two of my clients have reported the problem, two years apart.  The first
I could ignore, and second means it's time to investigate.  

The first user complained only the first 600 messages could be read, and
always the same 600 were returned.  

The second user is a Delphi developer so I actually believe him, he is
trying to archive a mailbox with a few thousand messages and can only get
the first 300 messages.  

> Gmail AFAIK only disables standard behavior of DELE command and 
> instead of deleting it acts as set in settings of Gmail account
> (usually marks message as "read").

Which does not help in getting new messages by deleting old ones first. 

> Also, once email has been accessed through POP3 it cannot be 
> accessed anymore even though you didn't delete it. Gmail treats
> RETR as if you submitted RETR and DELE afterwards even if you
> didn't submit DELE. 

Sorry, but that contradicts your comment about mail not being deleted.

I've not tested massive numbers of messages yet myself, I always get in
trouble when trying to fill up mailboxes with lots of messages (except on
my own mail server). 

I still think IMAP would be useful, since I'm told it supports PUSH email
instead of POP3 polling.  


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