Some additional information after hooking up wireshark.

I have attached a csv of the capture.

What it shows me is that I get the 150 from the server, I then send an ACK, but I don't send the FTP-DATA.

Then of course, I don't see the request done event, because I have not sent the data.

For the ACK to go out after the 150 response I am assuming that the ftp client has seen the response, and sent the ack. Or am I mistaken? Is this a lower level interaction? (in winsock somewhere)

Why would I not send the data - is my question really?

I don't have any Application.ProcessMessages loops in my application - apart from a start up splash screen, and an application shut down loop waiting for a thread to close down. Neither are active when my ftp stalls.

The thread I create has nothing (intentionally) to do with the ftp client. It monitors a usb serial port, downloads serial data and creates files on the file system. This thread is not downloading serial data and creating files, as there is no device connected.

I do now detect the stall with a timer, but don't currently restart - just display a message so that the user can retry.

I am logging all RequestDone events, and nothing is reported when I stall. I have attached the csv that shows the last good transfer, then the stall. If an alternative format is preferred, just ask.



On 31/01/2012 15:43, Info2004 wrote:

I have been using the ftp client component for a couple of years now
without a hitch. Until recently. The version is 7.09.

I have in the main thread a timer that runs a state machine to control
logging in and sending of the files. But recently, the state machine
stalls and times out. I have logged the debug from the component, and
you can see two successful sends, and the last one fails.

In the failed send, the STOR is issued, but the 150 Opening ASCII ...
does not happen. This is as a result of calling PutAsync on the component.

Now before I dust off wireshark, does anybody know what could cause the
150 after the STOR command?

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