> reminder that many times and where IWEditMsgNum.Text is increased / 
> decreased with the values __of an array that contains all msgnum.
> I can only read the first message. Why? 

Since you do not answer any of the questions you are asked, and only copy
parts of your code with no explanation of what you application is
actually trying to achieve, it is difficult to actually provide any more

But setting a valid MsgNum before RetrSync or TopSync is the correct way
to use the component, and will always work with a proper POP3 server.  I
suggest you test against multiple POP3 mail servers to see if the server
itself is at fault in ignoring the message number.  There are some
non-standard POP3 servers around, mostly cloud web based systems like
Google Mail and Live Mail/Hotmail that do strange things. 

You can try my free MailMaint application against the mailbox, it uses
the latest ICS POP3 component and has a debug window that shows all the
command being sent and received, which I copied for you yesterday. 



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