I just checked in a major FireMonkey change into the IPv6 branch rev. #895,
available via SVN only:

As always your help in testing these changes, even if you do not use
FireMonkey, is very much appreciated.

New alternate packages in order to support FireMonkey better,
both in the IDE and at run-time with run-time packages.
In order to use this feature first uninstall the old VCL design-time
package for XE2. Then open Install\DXe2InstallVclFmx.groupproj and
build all three run-time packages for all available platforms in
the order they are listed in project manager. Next build and install
the three design-time packages in the order they are listed in 
project manager. Note that the new packaging is still beta/alpha,
both package names and included units might change in a future beta
drop. The old VCL packages are still there however they do no longer
support FireMonkey and of course only one set of packages can be 
installed in the IDE at the same time, if you want all VCL and FMX
install DXe2InstallVclFmx.groupproj only.
Conditional define "FMX" is *no longer required* in the project options.
Instead in your existing ICS FireMonkey app. add either "Ics.Fmx" to the
unit scope names in project options or apply the following changes in 
the uses clause, rename:

OverbyteIcsWndControl              -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsWndControl
OverbyteIcsWSocket                 -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsWSocket
OverbyteIcsFtpCli                  -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsFtpCli
OverbyteIcsFtpSrv                  -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsFtpSrv
OverbyteIcsHttpProt                -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsHttpProt
OverbyteIcsWSocketS                -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsWSocketS
OverbyteIcsSmtpProt                -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsSmtpProt.pas
OverbyteIcsPop3Prot                -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsPop3Prot.pas
OverbyteIcsNntpCli                 -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsNntpCli.pas
OverbyteIcsPing                    -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsPing.pas
OverbyteIcsDnsQuery                -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsDnsQuery.pas
OverbyteIcsFingCli                 -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsFingCli.pas
OverbyteIcsSslSessionCache         -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsSslSessionCache.pas
OverbyteIcsSslThrdLock             -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsSslThrdLock.pas
OverbyteIcsHttpSrv                 -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsHttpSrv.pas
OverbyteIcsSocketUtils             -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsSocketUtils.pas
OverbyteIcsMultipartFtpDownloader  -> 
OverbyteIcsMultipartHttpDownloader -> 
OverbyteIcsHttpAppServer           -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsHttpAppServer.pas
OverbyteIcsThreadTimer             -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsThreadTimer.pas
OverbyteIcsCharsetComboBox         -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsCharsetComboBox.pas
{ Demo units }
OverbyteIcsWebAppServerCounter     -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsWebAppServerCounter
OverbyteIcsWebAppServerMailer      -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsWebAppServerMailer

The list above is also the list of units that now have different names in 
the FireMonkey framework however they all share the same single source. 

Dropping a ICS component on the form will add the correct unit name for
each framework automatically.         

Unit OverbyteIcsLibrary.pas has been *deprecated* and ICS IPv6 doesn't
use it anymore. If you used it in your own code read the comment in 
OverbyteIcsLibrary.pas, search for "deprecated".

Arno Garrels
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