SVN has been updated with a new TMimeTypesList component that is now used
by THttpServer to allow more flexible MIME content support.  

Previously, THttpServer had a hard coded function with a limited number
of MIME content types checked against common file extensions.  This
remains as the default, but a TMimeTypesList component may now be
attached to allow more flexible MIME content types.  

TMimeTypesList provides various a MIME content list built from the
Windows registry, a mime.types Apache file (ie text/html        html htm), a
key=value file (ie: .htm=text/html), a string list or program resource,
with methods to get ContentType or file extension.  There is also a
method  to return the content types as a stringlist to check what is

OverbyteIcsMimeUtils.pas has documentation for all the properties and
methods in the interface section.  

OverbyteIcsMimeDemo illustrates the different methods and
OverbyteIcsWebServ has been updated to use TMimeTypesList. 


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