Arno Garrels wrote:
>> I already use wsoNoReceiveLoop in the ComponentOptions.
>> The problem is indeed that the large amount of socket messages is
>> send in a blocking loop.
>> Your proposal would be a appropriate work around, but i think this
>> will slow down the communication.
> I don't think so, not realy. It would however retrieve (other)
> messages from the queue if any, hence give all clients a chance to
> do some work as well, would just lead to better load balancing.
> Lengthy blocking tasks should be avoided as much as possible since
> by default the listening socket and all clients share the same
> thread.

In order to check whether or not the FD_WRITE message posted
in method Send() is the culprit you could use method 
PutDataInSendBuffer() rather than one of the Send methods and call
SendXY() only occasionally (i.e. every 10th message) and for the
last message of course.

Arno Garrels
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