This  question  is OT, ICS is not concerned about such function but if
you  google  "wmi list wifi ssid" you'll get tons of sources for doing
it  using  WMI  that is easy way to retrieve such information at a non
API Level.


BM> This has probably already been asked somewhere before but I can't seem 
BM> to find it in my archives of this list.

BM> Do anyone know of a quick way to grab just visible SSID's and display 
BM> them in a listbox? I don't care about the 802.11 type, authentication, 
BM> security or anything else. Just the SSID's that are visible at that 
BM> point in time.

BM> And while I'm at it, I use Delphi 7 on a Windows 7 64 bit machine with 
BM> 16gig ram and have no plans at all to use Delphi XE. So count my vote as 
BM> keeping full support for Delphi 7. I just don't like the look and feel 
BM> of Delphi XE. I own it, but never use it.

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