Ilkka Ericsson wrote:
> Hi !
> I have spent a lot of time to get embedded images in smtp:s
> I have tryed a lot with Indy and Trichview:s demo. It works on the
> most computors but some mobils will not take it. 
> If I use THtmlSmtpCli it works but I need to use TSslSmtpCli for the
> most servers. 

Unfortunately there doesn't exist a SSL enabled THtmlSmtpCli in ICSv7.
However with a simple change in OverbyteIcsSmtpProt.pas it's possible
to add SSL support to the THtmlSmtpCli:   

    THtmlSmtpCli = class(TSslSmtpCli)
    THtmlSmtpCli = class(TSmtpCli)

You have to rebuild the ICS runtime and design-time packages after the 
change. Note that Object Inspector will always show the SSL properties
and events, however they are usable only if "USE_SSL" is actually defined
in the project options under conditional defines, a bit confusing,
however it works.

A cleaner solution is to use the TSslHtmlSmtpCli component from the
ICS IPv6/FireMonkey Beta branch:

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