I'm sure this problem is simple to solve but I am tearing my hair out trying
to solve it.

Imagine I have an FTP site that contains a folder called "Test1". In this
folder I have a file called "abc.dat" and another folder just called "abc".

So I log on to the FTP site and change the directory (CwdAsync) to Test1.
Now I do a directory listing and I get the file abc.dat and the folder abc.
So far so good.

Now I change the working directory to Test1/abc. I check with PwdAsync that
it is correct and it responds with what I could expect.
Next I try and do a directory listing on this folder. The response indicates
no error, but the stream is of zero size. So something is obviously not

Next test performed: I login into the FTP site and change directory straight
to Test1/abc. Now if I do a directory listing, I get two directories
returned, The single and double dot, but still no filenames.

Any help much appreciated.


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