Hi All,


I have been struggling a bit with my code, and found the following on a


> I do have copy-n-paste working in TnEmulVT. I used a call to

> GetSelTextBuf() with a 32K buffer then do a Clipboard().SetTextBuf()

> with my buffer and the copy goes into the clipboard no problem.


> On the paste side, I use the Clipboard().GetTextBuf() again with a 32k

> buffer then do a SendStr() on my buffer and it works REALLY well.

(comment made by Francois himself, who does a great job with everybody on
this ICS and Midware project)


I see how I select the rectangle in my screen, I want to call the functions
as described in the text above, but am not able to get something working on
Copy and paste.


What I want to do, select text in emulvt or TnEmulvt, and paste it to
notepad for example.


Anybody have a working example for me, or a snippet??


Best regards,


Ruud Kerstens

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