I'm using ICS v7 as a SOCKS4 server. I've got a TWSocketServer component
that accepts clients, and performs beautifully in most circumstances.
The issue I'm having is that often an HTTP client will send its request
and then perform a shutdown(SD_SEND), waiting to receive response data
from the HTTP server which will then perform its own shutdown(SD_SEND). 

The TWSocketServer seems to process this as an OnClientDisconnect event,
while the TWSocketClient class just performs an OnDataAvailable, and
Client.Receive returns 0 which is the standard behaviour to indicate a
shutdown(SD_SEND) event from the SOCKS peer. 

Is there any way to prevent the Server.OnClientDisconnect in this case?
I'd like to pass the shutdown(SD_SEND) to the remote (proxied) host and
maintain the TWSocketClient connection open until both sides have closed
the connection normally.

Thanks, and keep up the great work on this incredibly useful project!

Josh Leder

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