zayin wrote:
> Hello,
> I have upgraded from D2007 to XE and I am now using version 7.04 of
> ICS. 
> When I close the socket I am getting a memory leak at line 686 in
> TWSocketClient. TiggerSessionClosed.
> the line is New(PIdRec);
> I do see that if the PostMessage call fails, PIdRec is released on
> line 696. 
> If the PostMessage succeeds, PIdRec is not released.
> I have no idea why the PostMessage would fail.

If it failed there won't be a leak, the allocated memory will be freed
when that message is handled. 
The "leak" happens when the call to PostMessage() succeeds however 
the TWSocketServer component will be destroyed before that message
has been processed. If that happens on application exit nothing to 
worry about. Otherwise make sure you close all clients before 
destroying the server component.

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