In my application I occasionally get the EDivByZero exception
in OverbyteIcsMultipartHttpDownloader.pas (line 706):
    FCurSpeed    := 8 * (FTotalCount - FPrevCount) / (Tick - FPrevTick);

Because of I'm using TMultipartHttpDownloader in threads, it's pretty
difficult to catch the exception, and the execution simply fails.

Therefore, I had to apply the following fix:

    if Tick = FPrevTick then
        FCurSpeed := 0
        FCurSpeed := 8 * (FTotalCount - FPrevCount) / (Tick - FPrevTick);

Everything works fine now, but I'd prefer the fix to be included in the ICS

Please, review and check it in, if possible.

Thanks in advance,

Vladimir Kudlein
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