Hi All,

I fixed a bug in the HdrEncodeInline->StrEncodeQPEx wrote about yesterday.

Problem happens with 'Q' encoding if input strings contain to many spaces
(more than MaxCol parameter).

So, here:

if (Buf[cPos] = ' ') and ShortSpace then begin
   Result[lPosRes] := '_';

We write outside bounds set at beginning of function: SetLength(Result,
Because number of spaces in input string may be larger than MaxCol !

To fix problem - this line (number 2064 in OverbyteIcsMimeUtils.pas):

if (Buf[cPos] = ' ') and ShortSpace then begin

must be replaced with

if (Buf[cPos] = ' ') and  (lPosRes < MaxCol) and ShortSpace then begin

I also check latest ICS V8 code and this problem is NOT fixed here !
So, you should apply this fix to both V7 and V8.

With best regards, Max Terentiev.
Business Software Products.
AMS Development Team.

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