> How many TSmtpCli(s) should be used inside one TThread ?
> I need to send about 4000 messages in parallel, so I need 4000 
> TSmtpCli(s).
> At this time I try to use 25 TSmtpCli per Thread but see very high 
> CPU usage and app interface responding this delays..

The 'app interface' could be your problem, if you are calling the main
thread using synchronise to update a GUI dynamically.  Ensure you don't
call synchronise more than once every few (configurable) seconds which is
quite adequate to keep someone watching happy that it has not died. 

ICS will usually handle a few hundred async component instances quite
happily in the same thread all processing at the same time.  

In your case, once you have written the code to support more than one
instance and more than one thread, just make it totally configurable so
you can try 10 threads with 400 instance, or 40 threads with 100 instance,
etc, so you can easily experiment. 


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