Graham Powell wrote:
> I have an odd effect that I'm sure one of you clever guys will
> provide an answer to.
> I am using the FTP client to put a file on the a web site. The file
> format is of my own making and have no trouble reading and writing to
> files to/from the hard drive.
> Apart from the first 4 bytes in the file, the data is stored as
> Unicode. So in the case of English text every other byte is zero. Now
> when I "putAsync" the file and look at the result it has stored every
> carriage return with the two bytes in reverse order. So $0D, $00 is
> stored as $00, $0D. Line feeds and all the other text are stored
> correctly. 
> Am I doing something wrong? The FTP component is as per the default
> settings.

Have you tried binary mode yet?

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