On 17 Nov 2012 at 16:33, Fran├žois Piette wrote:

> >This is my problem : I have just been given an old Delphi 4 application,
> which needs to be modified.
> >This program was written using ICS components ten years ago. I have a
> Delphi 4, and also the 
> >components as they existed when the progran was created. So I should be
> able to open them...

Are you sure?....

Forgive me... it SEEMS my suggestion is probably wrong, but maybe 
worth going to overbyte.be and downloading...

[ Download ICS-V5 Distribution (Sep 12, 2009) ]

... which is NOT the "latest and greatest"... but IS (according to 
the page, I am no expert!) the right one to use, if you, like me, are 
still on Delphi 4.

What a pity whoever owns Delphi today decided they are not interested 
in the hobbyist. And how wonderful the days of needing only a 
registration key to install/ re-install something were. No need to go 
online to a registration server which may no longer exist two years 
from now, when you've invested time and trouble in mastering some 
product. And how wonderful that Delphi 4 will work under Windows 7!!

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