> I have the FTP client doing putAsync and getAsync to a FTP server. 
> If the filename contains Unicode characters (e.g. Russian), the
> putAsync results in a filename of ???? on the FTP site.

The standard FTP component only supports Unicode with Delphi 2009 and
later, or if you use the OverbyteIcsFtpCliW version from my web site with
Delphi 7 and 2007.  

> If I drag & Drop the file there is no problem.
> this option is not supported using Drag & Drop)

No idea what drag and drop has to do with any of this, or why you
contradict yourself.  ICS components are non-visual and do not support
drag and drop.  

> OPTS UTF-8 ON (not sure how to use this

Some FTP server support Unicode, many do not.  Some (FileZilla) default
to UTF8 ON (no hyphen), most need the OPTS command to be sent
specifically to change from 8-bit ASCII to Unicode.   There is discussion
about Unicode and different FTP servers at:  


This (simplified) code comes from the TMagFtp high level FTP component on
that page that hides all this stuff from the developer:

if (ftpFeatUtf8 in FSupportedExtensions) then
   if (magftpNoUtf8 in fMagFtpOpts) then
       CodePage := CP_ACP;
       NewOpts := 'UTF8 OFF' ;
       CodePage := CP_UTF8 ;
       NewOpts := 'UTF8 ON' ;
   Opts ;
end ;

> Wireshark seems to report 

The only use Wireshark has here is looking to see if the FTP component is
actually sending UTF8 charaters or 8-bit ASCII.  


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