Moe info.

As I said in a previous e-mail. I am testing with 3 FTP sites. It appear
only one of them has this problem.
Below is the extract from the ICS Logger at the end of the upload for the
84MByte file:

This is end of the ICS logger when I upload to the failing FTP site:

12:17:42:193 DataSocketPutDataSent 32768
12:17:42:350 03C1F9B0 TriggerDataSent 1800
12:17:42:358 DataSocketPutDataSent 23974
12:17:42:468 03C1F9B0 TriggerDataSent 1800
12:17:42:470 DataSocketPutDataSent 0
12:17:42:473 03C1F9B0 TCustomWSocket.Shutdown 1 1800
12:17:42:815 ! Data Session closed
12:17:42:817 ! Next3PutAsync
12:17:42:820 03C1F9B0 TCustomWSocket.Shutdown 1 1800   *** THIS IS THE LAST

This the end of the upload to an FTP site that is OK:

12:52:36:382 DataSocketPutDataSent 32768
12:52:36:624 03B6F9B0 TriggerDataSent 1824
12:52:36:627 DataSocketPutDataSent 32768
12:52:36:870 03B6F9B0 TriggerDataSent 1824
12:52:36:882 DataSocketPutDataSent 23974
12:52:37:067 03B6F9B0 TriggerDataSent 1824
12:52:37:077 DataSocketPutDataSent 0
12:52:37:080 03B6F9B0 TCustomWSocket.Shutdown 1 1824
12:52:37:138 ! Data Session closed
12:52:37:140 ! Next3PutAsync
12:52:37:143 03B6F9B0 TCustomWSocket.Shutdown 1 1824
12:52:37:196 >|226 File receive OK.|  *** THIS IS MISSING IN THE OTHER FTP

12:52:37:198 ! Next3PutAsync   *** THIS IS THE START OF THE NEXT UPLOAD ***
12:52:37:200 ! HighLevelAsync 0
12:52:37:201 ! HighLevelAsync done
12:52:37:204 ! HighLevelAsync 0
12:52:37:207 03B6F130 TriggerDataSent 1832
12:52:37:263 >|200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.|

12:52:37:264 ! HighLevelAsync 0
12:52:37:265 03B6F130 TriggerDataSent 1832
12:52:37:382 ! Data Session requested
12:52:37:387 03B6F9B0 Socket accepted 756
12:52:37:393 03B6F9B0 TCustomWSocket.Shutdown 1 1512
12:52:37:397 ! Data Session opened
12:52:37:400 >|150 Ok to send data.|

12:52:37:404 03B6F9B0 TriggerDataSent 756
12:52:37:407 DataSocketPutDataSent 32768
12:52:37:742 03B6F9B0 TriggerDataSent 756
12:52:37:751 DataSocketPutDataSent 32768
12:52:37:989 03B6F9B0 TriggerDataSent 756
12:52:38:000 DataSocketPutDataSent 32768

*** So the duff FTP site will accept the upload of the file, but for some
reason the FTP client does not generate any event (FTPRequestDone) at the
end of the upload.


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Subject: Re: [twsocket] FTP Client - Large files

> I made a typo with the file size. It is 84Mbytes (not 84GBytes) that 
> fails. 39MByte file is OK

Those are trivial sizes for FTP uploads, no reason for difference in
behaviour between those sizes. 

Is this file specific?  What about 100 or 200 megs?  

When I was downloading a VHD (disk image) file, the transfer kept failing at
about 6 gigs (and TMagFtp then repeated the download several times). I
finally discovered by hardware firewall was virus checking FTP downloads and
found a development tool on the disk image that it considered a hacking
tool, so closed the FTP connection.  So can waste time looking for a bug
that is actually totally unrelated to your code. 

Basically you need a lot of logging, OnRequestDone in particular, also
OnStateChange, to find out what events are called normally, and then see
what is missing when it fails.   

> Your Mag demo works.

So nothing wrong with ICS FTP, it must be your code.  Why not use TMagFtp,
it works and hides all this hard stuff from you. 

> I have tried playing with the FTP Client Timeout property, but I don't 
> think this is relevant here.

Timeout is only used when calling sync events, so that the function calls
return at some point.  


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