> First of all, I would like to congratulate the ICS team for the wonderful
job in creating a 
> way to share windows handles for processing messages.
> I´m now extensively using this mechanism in all our application.

Thanks !

 > One question though, why is the default limit of 100 messages registered
per handle? 
> I know that I can specify a different value for it but why is the default
> What are the consequences if I increase this value to 1000 or even 10000? 
> This way I could use even less handles for the whole system, but what are
the drawbacks?

There is not rule. When I wrote the code, I've done some testing to see the
behavior with TWSocket. I selected 100 messages as a result of this informal
testing. Actually the best number is application dependent. The more message
you have, the more work is to be done by a single thread. But there could be
a lot of not frequently used messages and/or a small number of messages used
at a high rate. I cannot advice for a value. Check the behavior of your

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