David Bridges wrote:
> If I have a wired local area connection and some wireless connection
> how can I know which I'm connected through?  If I can obtain the IP
> address of the adapter I'm connected through I could tell but can't
> determine how to do that.  I tried GetPeerAddr() but it's returning
> "error", maybe because I'm asking this question on the server? In any
> case, what is the best way to determine /how/ I am connected from
> within my program?

There is V8 OverbyteIcsSocketUtils.pas that is crossplatform.
In V7 is was OverbyteIcsWinsock2.pas. 

 procedure IcsGetInterfaceList(InterfaceList : TInterfaceList); overload;
 procedure IcsGetInterfaceList(StrList : TStrings); overload;
 function  IcsAddrSameSubNet(const LocalIPv4Addr, SomeIPv4Addr: in_addr) : 
Boolean; overload;
 function  IcsAddrSameSubNet(const LocalIpv4Addr, SomeIPv4Addr : AnsiString) : 
Boolean; overload;
 function  IcsIsIpPrivate(saddr : in_addr): Boolean;

> Also, is there anywhere that you can search archives of this list as
> in with a search engine?



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