Boris Saint-Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using an API to send files to a VOD platform through the
> TSslHttpCli component (GetAsync command). 
> My problem is that my connection is closed by the server due to a
> timeout (504). 
> The server seems not responding to my GET request before he has
> finished to download the file from my web server. So when the
> filesize is bigger than 2MB the timeout is raised.  
> Does the probleme can come from settings in the TSslHttpCli ?

I don't think so, since you use async methods there's no client-side
timeout by default.

> Can I desactivate any connection timeout (I used
> SslHttpCli.Connection := 'Keep-Alive';) ? 

With HTTP v1.1 "Keep-Alive" is the default, it just *asks* the 
server to keep the connection alive, however most servers close
connections after a short idle period nevertheless which is legal.


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