Paul wrote:
>> What's the actual problem? From a brief look the article above seems
>> to describe hole punching very well, guess you just have to
>> implement it accordingly (also known as work ;).
> (also known as work ;).
> Yes, but I don't like to work :)
> No, seriously, I've never had the time to dive into socket
> programming and still struggling to find the time for it.
> So, I need to get as much info I can before I even can start with it
> ... 
> It's obvious that a central server has to be used to exchange
> connection/NAT data to both peers, 

Fore sure it is, and also to be able to fall back to simple 
> but there are many articles to
> find on the net and many are contradictable

Hard to believe that P2P worked without rendezvous server.

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