Well, not directly in the dataAvailable itself, but it happens in certain cases 
of the function decoding the string (and which is called at the end of the 
Thing is, the situation is tricky, cause there's at least one case where I must 
enter in a non-blocking loop where I send one given command several times to 
the client, waiting for a particular type of answer to occur from the client 
side (these happen with no problem at all).

Now, in fact I see that - I call the application.processMessages a last time 
(after the end of the non-blocking loop), and it's probably that call which 
creates the strange behavior in the very next dataAvailable event. I'm gonna 
try without this last call to app.ProcessMessages, I'll keep you up (not at the 
company yet...).

Is the only "theoritically proper" solution to handle this kind of mandatory 
discussion with a separate thread?


>Objet : Re: [twsocket] Problem with DataAvailable (similar)

>Pascal Chapon wrote:
>> Any idea?

>Do you call the message pump directly or indirectly, for instance, 
>Application.ProcessMessages or ShowMessage() in one of the ICS event handlers?


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