> I am using TSslFtpClient and and need the DateTime of remote files.
> From what I understand the only way is via the Dir command.
> If so how do I parse list ? Is there fixed format ?

The DIR command is supported by all FTP servers, and can return numerous
different listing formats, essentially the OS dir listing.
In practice, you will find only UNIX or MS-DOS listings and you have to
parse them. Not UNIX format does not have the file time for files older
than one year. 

Better FTP servers also support the MLSD command which is a standardised

Both these command list only the current directory, if you need
sub-directories you have to keep changing directories and DIR or MLSD

The ICS FTP server adds XCMLSD and XDMLSD which are similar to MLSD but
provides recursive listings for sub-directories so will list hundreds of
directories in a couple of seconds, which takes several minutes with the
older commands. 

If you want a reliable working application use the high level FTP
component TMagFtp from: 


which uses all the above listing techniques depending on what the server
supports using a single command BuildDirList, or SelectCopyFileList is
you only want to know which files are different to those on your local
disk, ie when updating a web site. 


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