> In between I unplugged the Server LAN wire so as to break the
> Transfer. When I said to upload again it does not Resume.

As you can see from the logs, all the commands to correctly resume the
upload are being sent, but the control connection appears to drop at that

!! FTP Error: FTP component not ready

Without any time stamps in the log, it's not possible to see if this was
instant or after a timeout.  

There is a property FailRepeat that I usually set to three so a failed
attempt retries twice more automatically in case of transient errors. 

For testing resume, you don't need to use massive files, you can slow
down the transfer to 25K a second or something on your LAN so that you
can halt the transfer part way through more easily: 

FTP.BandwidthLimit := bandwidth * KBYTE ;
FTP.Options := Options + [ftpBandwidthControl] ;

I've not specifically tested resume for a few years, I automatically FTP
hundreds of files to and from my public server daily, but it all just
works.  If you can reproduce the problem with the  TMagFtp v4 demo or DUN
Manager beta v3.10, I'll look into it.  You can also have an account on
ics.ftptest.org which is the latest ICS v8 FTP server, although you
probably won't want to test gig uploads (there are gig files on it to


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